African Heroes 3D: Space -Trailer – Top Android Game 2014

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High-end, immersive 3D gameplay! Play the best ACTION Role Playing Game on Android!

Direct a team of African heroes with unique skills and supernatural powers through a series of intense battles against aliens in outer space.

Alien Commander, Bukom Gari and his army discover “the wall” on Planet Sakora. They begin to drill in an attempt to break through to Planet Earth – the human world, invade and subjugate it.

Assemble your African heroes to annihilate the alien army and track the source of the drilling activity

Save Planet Earth! Join the fight and guide your Africa heroes to victory!

Take on the roles of Professor Allotey the Mathematician, Shaka Zulu the mighty warrior and Okomfo Anokye the traditional priest.

Destroy alien ships with your customized battleship. Unlock traps and track the source with Professor Allotey’s ingenuity, Fight aliens with Shaka Zulu’s spear and axes, block Missiles with Shaka Zulu’s shield, Conjure bombproof shields with Okomfo Anokye’s magic drums, go invincible and fight in stealth mode with Okomfo Anokye’s magic calabash.

➤ Recruit your African Heroes by daring them to accept the challenge
➤ Prepare your heroes for battle. Visit the training ground to master the skills and abilities of each African Hero.
➤ Control a team of up to 3 African heroes at the same time with simple, intuitive controls.
➤ Fun real-time strategy and fantasy 3D space game
➤ Awesome 3D environments –…


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  • August 13, 2017 at 10:55 am

    Hello, you should all try this new android game African Heroes, Its so amazing you would love it. God bless Nana Ghartey


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