Sorcerer King Gameplay – Turn-Based 4x Fantasy Strategy PC Game 1080p 60fps 2015

Sorcerer King is a new fantasy strategy game from Stardock. You’re in a struggle against the ever ticking Doomsday counter as you expand your kingdom, embark on quests, craft new gear, learn powerful magic and meet awesome rivals. Can you stop the Sorcerer King before he can become a god?
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Developer : Stardock Entertainment
Publisher : Stardock Entertainment
Genre : Indie, Strategy
Game Link :

Meanwhile your hero is making his own decisions on where to go and what to fight. But will he be strong enough to take on the dungeon’s overlord? In between dungeon runs you manage your Guild, building new rooms to attract new classes of adventurer and to expand your decks of cards with more powerful items and events.

Key Features:
The Sorcerer King – This is not a fair fight. Your opponent is more powerful, and his onslaught against the Shards you must protect is unending. Stand up to fight, or appear to submit to his will until the time is right.

Crafting – Rather than researching…


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